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ICICI Lombard's Gold Multi Trip Travel Insurance Plan: 10 Points

Every time one travels abroad, insurance experts often advise that people should buy travel insurance policies. You might meet with an accident, lose your luggage or passport, and even miss your connecting flights - basically, in a foreign land, there is always a lingering fear of the unexpected because well - it is not your country. To minimise the effects of such unpredictable events, it is always good if you buy travel insurance. ICICI Lombard offers many travel insurance policies, one of which is the Gold Multi Trip Travel Insurance.

Here are the 10 features of ICICI Lombard's Gold Multi Trip Travel Insurance policy:

1) The plan is available up to 70 years of age, according to

2) Cashless health services under ICICI Lombard's Gold Multi Trip Travel Insurance Plan are available worldwide.

3) During the course of a year, you can secure as many as 30, 45 or 60 days.

4) Your loved ones can avail of medical concierge services, automotive assistance and lifestyle services even when you are away from home. (These are value added services)

5) The Gold Multi Trip policy offers worldwide coverage. However, due to the latest insurance requirements by Schengen Consulates, the Gold Multi Trip policy is not valid for getting Schengen Visa for customers who are above 50 years of age.

6) This plan offers emergency hotel extension services.

7) Reimbursement for a trip being cancelled or interrupted due to medical problems, acts of terrorism or natural disasters are covered under this policy.

8) Compassionate visit, political risk and catastrophe evacuation are covered under this plan.

9) Policy holders will get covered for hospitalization in case of swine flu / H1N1 influenza, if it is not a pre-existing disease.

10) Any claim due to or arising out of pre-existing medical condition/ailment, whether declared or undeclared, is not covered under the policy.